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VT-HEC Offers New Series on Trauma, Resilience & Anxiety

Dave Melnick, Jon Udis, Joelle Van Lent, Gillian Boudreau, Paul Foxman

There are many introductions out there on the impact of trauma and anxiety and the strategies that can help address them but the VT-HEC is developing an array of learning opportunities that will go much further & deeper in supporting the application of the most effective strategies and creating in-school expertise. Working with the Northeast Family Institute (NFI) and experts like Joelle Van Lent & Gillian Boudreau, we are planning a coordinated workshops series and course sequence for 2017-2018 & beyond.  

  • Developmental Trauma and Trauma-Informed Schools: Transforming Knowledge to Action, with David Melnick, LICSW, in Rutland, VT ~ Two workshop days (9/26 & 10/23) and three additional dates for 3-credit graduate course (11/30, 12/15, 1/25) The workshops will get you started with a firm foundation in the basics and the optional course will take you deeper to help planning and implementation of these strategies in your school setting. We are working on a Level II course for the spring that will focus further on implementation and building capacity.
  • Power Struggles: What to do When a Student Says, “Make Me!” with Jon Udis in Killington, VT (11/8) Jon shares both what not to do and the strategies that work to de-escalate the situation and get students back on track. You will leave with an overall plan of action including being prepared for the next confrontation.
  • Fostering Resilient Learners: Creating Trauma-Sensitive School Communities, with Joelle van Lent, Psy.D, and Gillian Boudreau, Ph.D., in Montpelier, VT ~ Four workshop days (1/18, 2/16, 3/16, 4/12) and an additional date (5/17) for 3-credit graduate course. After a review of the basics of trauma, its causes, impact and strategies to address them, Joelle and Gillian will explore building resilience, using strategies like mindfulness and yoga and how to prevent and respond to compassion fatigue. There are lots of options for accessing these offerings or benefiting from it all from theory to practice by taking the course.
  • Managing Anxiety in the Classroom, with Paul Foxman, Ph.D., in Montpelier, VT (1/26) Everyone deals with anxiety and Paul will spend the day focused on its impact on kids and the adults that work with them. He will share what we know about the best ways to deal with this common and often debilitating challenge.
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