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How to Re-Envision Leadership (for Group Rental)


This is a recording of a live webinar, originally held on 12/11/20. The content was originally intended to meet the needs of educators during that time. However, we believe the concepts and strategies discussed are still relevant and worthwhile for viewing.


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Dr. Joelle van Lent and Dr. Gillian Boudreau discuss the use of reflective and collaborative practices, as well as the balance between transparency and accountability in school leadership.

Rental period is 30 days.

1 professional learning hour, certificates available.

VT-HEC’s intention is to offer professional development that provides you opportunities to engage with content, connect with colleagues, and apply learning in ways that sustain you and your work. When possible, we encourage you to view and discuss the recording(s) with colleagues.


If you have. a group size larger than 50, or need further assistance, please email [email protected]

NOTE – This recording is intended for group rentals. If you’d like to purchase for 5 or fewer individuals, please use this link: Individual Rental for Re-Envisioning Webinar #4

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A Webinar Series: Re-Envisioning Educational Systems As We Move Through And Beyond COVID-19

Join Dr. Joelle van Lent and Dr. Gillian Boudreau for a webinar series on navigating the uncharted waters of a COVID-19 educational reality. Joelle and Gillian examine how to find the courage, capacity, and tools to build modern, sustainable, collaborative systems that can work better than business as usual. Throughout the series, they explore creative noncompliance – a process of following the principles governing best practices in education, while leaving room for educator and student voices in determining the implementation of these principles.

Webinar #4 – How to Re-Envision Leadership

with Joelle van Lent, Psy.D, & Gillian Boudreau, Ph.D

Joelle and Gillian discuss the use of reflective and collaborative practices in school leadership, as well as the balance between transparency and accountability that can characterize effective relationships between leaders and staff during stressful and uncertain times.

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