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Welcome to our Blog!

We are pleased to introduce the VT-HEC Blog. Our goals for the blog are to:

  • provide our readers, students and event participants with supporting and thought-provoking content,
  • promote the “thought leadership” of the VT-HEC and the principles on which our programs are based,
  • share our experience applying the VT-HEC Standards for Ensuring Quality Professional Development, and
  • increase awareness of VT-HEC programs, special events and our even more special staff.

Our blog will include content that covers all of the programs and interests of the VT-HEC. It will include posts on professional development, research on the brain and learning, school improvement, collaborative implementation and coaching along with posts covering special education, early education, autism, TASS, teaching math, writing, etc.

As with all of our programs the success of our blog will depend on collaboration. We hope you will add your views to those expressed by our contributors and share your experiences in the comment section.