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We Are All Responsible

A Message from our Executive Director on Racism & Equity

The leadership and staff of the VT-HEC add our voices to the resounding chorus that has risen to express outrage, sadness, anger and dismay at the latest examples of the long-standing and systematic violence inflicted upon people of color. Black Lives Do Matter. Those of us who have benefited from white privilege may struggle to understand what living with this fear and injustice every day entails and we are humbled by our inability to fully relate to the impact of the systematic deprivation of human rights. What we do clearly recognize is our collective responsibility to confront racism wherever it exists and to join together to attack it at its foundation. We recognize that:

  • We Are All Responsible as educators to eliminate racism in our schools and to demand and actively strive toward an equitable and inclusive system of education for all.
  • We Are All Responsible as parents to raise our children with the knowledge of the injustices that exist in the world and the need for all of us to take action against them.
  • We Are All Responsible as friends and family members to demonstrate empathy in accepting human differences and show kindness and understanding to those different than ourselves.
  • We Are All Responsible as citizens to choose representatives at every level of government that share these values and demonstrate the courage to act accordingly. 
  • We Are All Responsible as individuals to stand against racism in all its forms and to take action to advance social and economic justice.


Over the past few years, the VT-HEC has acted on its responsibility to address inequity in education by dedicating its Mission Investment Fund to offer education opportunities to all those who work to benefit children and youth including:

  • designing workshops focused on reducing inequity related to race, immigration, poverty, gender, disability, sexual identification, and sexual preference.
  • providing a growing library of free webinars on the Equity Literacy Framework.
  • offering workshop series and courses at nominal cost focused on attacking inequity in race, poverty, immigration, and gender. 


In the coming years VT-HEC commits continued focus on its responsibility by offering additional learning opportunities and providing resources targeted to:

  • creating gender-affirming environments,
  • building restorative justice, 
  • addressing implicit bias and 
  • reducing the inequities related to poverty, disability, and race.


We embrace our responsibility and work to ensure that all students receive an equitable education that includes learning about and reducing social injustice, and systemic racism and bias. It is our hope that we can all be responsible for future generations that are more accepting of differences and demonstrate kindness to all.




VT-HEC Offers Free Resources on Equity, Stress & Resilience

Racism, Poverty & Navigating Impacts of COVID-19

This past year the VT-HEC’s Mission Investment Fund has supported the offering of a number of  free webinars introducing the Equity Literacy Framework, focused on eliminating inequities brought on by racism and poverty, as well as webinars focused on resilience during the COVID19 pandemic.

Free  Recorded Webinar Series on Equity Literacy Framework

A series of four webinars that provide foundational learning in equity literacy, as well as prepare educators, educational leaders, and equity specialists to cultivate equitable and just learning environments for all.

Free Recorded Workshops on Equity in Schools

An Economic Justice Approach to Eliminating Socioeconomic Inequities in Schools, presented by Paul Gorski, with special guests Marceline DuBose, Taharee Jackson, and Jeff Sapp

Ridding Schools of Racism: From Equity Optics to Equity Action, presented by Taharee Jackson and Paul Gorski

Free Recorded Webinars on Managing Stress and Building Resilience

Stress and Resilience as we Navigate COVID-19
Building upon what we already know about stress and resilience, Dr. Joelle van Lent and Dr. Gillian Boudreau discuss how reducing the impact of fear supports our ability to learn, regulate, and sustain relationships.

We Made It Through the School Year – Now What? 
Highlight the impact of uncertainty and unrest on individual and collective nervous system functioning, Dr. Joelle van Lent and Dr. Gillian Boudreau continue the conversation on framing our work with students, families, and coworkers during the pandemic.

Managing Stress and Building Resilience in Times of CrisisDave Melnick, LICSW, discusses stress and resilience during times of crisis, and offers tangible well-being ideas for professionals, parents, leaders, and kids.

In the coming year VT-HEC will continue a focus on learning opportunities and resources targeted to:

  • creating gender-affirming environments,
  • building restorative justice,
  • addressing implicit bias and
  • reducing the inequities related to poverty, disability, and race.