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Shifting the Narrative (3): Reshaping Our Thinking in the Direction of Hope


This is a recording of a live webinar, originally held on December 6, 2021. Original title “We Won’t Go Back: Maintaining and Integrating Educational Innovations Beyond COVID-19.”

In the third webinar in this series, Joelle and Gillian discuss how to respond to high levels of chronic stress so that we can see both the negatives and the positives of our situation, reclaiming hope and stamina. See full description below.

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Shifting the Narrative as We Navigate Challenging Times

Living and working through a pandemic have strengthened our resilience and deepened our appreciation for relationships and community. However, there remains much work ahead to integrate our experience in a healthy manner, support colleagues in maintaining wellness through continued adversity, and address the anticipated mental health and academic needs of our students. 

This series supports school professionals and leaders in navigating unfolding challenges while maintaining their own well-being and a sense of hope. With their unique perspectives and experiences as clinical consultants, therapists, and evaluators in many school settings, Gillian and Joelle offer resources and key strategies to take back to school communities to support a gradual shift from surviving to thriving.

Session 3: Reshaping Our Thinking in the Direction of Hope

What does it actually mean to maintain hope during prolonged adversity? In this webinar, Joelle and Gillian discuss how prolonged stress can distort our thoughts about ourselves, others, and the meaning that we make of our experiences. Increased awareness of how we respond to high levels of chronic stress helps us reshape our thinking so that we can see both the negatives and the positives of our situation, reclaiming hope and stamina as we move through this time. 

Other webinars in the series:

Session 1: Slowing Down to Maintain Well-being

What do I do if this school year feels even harder than last year? This webinar focuses on school professionals who feel pulled in multiple directions at an unsustainable pace. Gillian and Joelle anchor us in the significance of a slower pace as being developmentally appropriate to foster social emotional functioning, academic gains, and the well-being of the school community.

Session 2: Maintaining Realistic Optimism Through Chronic Stress 

Joelle and Gillian offer insights on how to achieve a stance of realistic optimism, which is a healthy balance of recognizing the challenges of our experience with a sense of hope and purpose. This stance is distinct from toxic positivity, which can be detrimental to a resilient and healthy work culture. This webinar also addresses the impact of chronic uncertainty, known as “allostatic load.”