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Recognizing and Addressing Harmful Language (for Group Rental)


This is a recording of a live webinar, originally held on January 27, 2021.

Through activities, case studies, and discussion, we will discuss what harms and what heals educational relationships. See full description below.

Rental period is 30 days.

1.25 professional learning hour; certificates available.

NOTE: This recording is intended for groups. If you’d like to rent for an individual, please click here.

Have a group larger than 50 people? Email [email protected]

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Webinar Series – Responding to Events of Racism in School-Based Relationships: Topics in Educational Equity

Our work in schools is fundamentally relational. The ways we treat each other create an environment that is either empowering and connecting, or marginalising and oppressive. This series focuses on anti-racism within school-based relationships: how we treat each other in unmonitored social spaces, the words we say to each other, and the ways we resolve our conflicts. Through activities, case studies, and discussion/reflection, we learn what harms and what heals educational relationships.

Webinar 1 – Recognizing and Addressing Harmful Language

with Rachel Logan, M.Ed and Marceline DuBose, Ed.M.

Language is powerful and, especially if our circles are small and we spend time in primarily homogeneous groups, we might have a hard time recognizing harmful language. In this webinar, we identify some phrases to stop using, examine swaps to try instead, and collaborate on ways to be more inclusive and expansive with the language we choose to use.

Others webinars in this series:
Webinar 2 – Responding to Racist Flare-ups on Social Media
Webinar 3 – Racial and Restorative Justice: Considerations for Circle Keepers in Schools

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