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Peg Dawson to Present Revolutionary Executive Skills  Approach & Coaching Strategies

Dr. Dawson  translates cutting-edge research into meaningful, practical, well-organized, and easy-to-implement strategies. This brilliant book is by far the best on the topic that I have read to date.”–Russell A. Barkley, PhD, ABPP, author of Taking Charge of ADHD

Executive skills”–the fundamental habits of mind required for getting organized, staying focused, and controlling impulses and emotions.

They can be the difference between success and satisfaction or failure and frustration in school, job or home-life and these skills have never been more important in each of those settings.

How many of us know kids (& adults) who seem to have the brain power to succeed but are held back by their inability to plan, to organize or follow-through; they may be easily distracted by things in the environment or their own feelings. They never seem to be “on the right page”.  It can be so frustrating, not only for the person themselves but for their teachers, parents, family and peers.

Peg Dawson, co-author of Smart but Scattered, Smart but Scattered Teens and now, Smart but Scattered Guide to Success (for adults), has been working to support educators, kids and families dealing with these issues for over 30 years. She and co-author, Richard Guare, have developed a wealth of strategies that work.

In her presentation on March 18, she will share:

1) how to make environmental modifications to support weak executive skills,

2) how to design protocols for teaching executive skills,

3) how to use incentives effectively to encourage students to engage in the practice necessary for improving executive skills, and

4) the critical features of the coaching method geared to improving school performance through supporting executive skill development from their book, Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits.

We are very excited to present one of the foremost experts in the field at the Capitol Plaza, Montpelier, VT on March 18. Whether you want to know how best to support a particular student or how best way to teach these critical skills to all your students, this presentation will meet your needs.




Dennis has been the Director of the the VT-HEC since it was founded in 2000. He spent 16 years at the VT-DOE as Director of teams with various names that included: special education, Title I, health and wellness and other family and education support services. Prior to that Dennis worked at the Barre Town School (VT) starting as a special educator and serving many years as the Director of Student Support Services. He also spent 6 years as a classroom teacher grades 5-8 in NJ.

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