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VT-HEC Sponsors Special Event for Leaders & Policy-Makers

What  Works to Improve Middle & High Schools Managing school improvement given the complexities that exist in operating schools today has presented many daunting challenges.  That is especially true in middle and high schools.  VT-HEC’s program, Teaching All Secondary School
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Using Technology to Support Struggling Learners

VT-HEC Announces New Learning Opportunities The number of applications and computer programs that address specific learning issues and target particular skills has exploded over the past few years.  These new learning tools have greatly increased the options for helping struggling lea
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ASAP: VT-HEC’s Comprehensive Training Program on Autism Spectrum Disorders

ASAP  – Approaching the Solution to the Autism Puzzle The Vermont Interagency White Paper on Autism Spectrum Disorders of 2006 confirmed what all school districts in Vermont have been experiencing: a dramatic increase in students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) over an exte
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Making Standards Work in the Real World

Exciting New Workshop Series and Course for Middle & High School Educators Can a standards-based approach to education actually work in today’s schools? Using Neuroscience to Make Standards Work for ALL Students  is a new series of four workshops that address real-life issue
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VT-HEC Starting New Cohorts for Endorsement in Special Education, Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Ed

The VT-HEC has announced that it will be starting new cohorts this summer in their very popular licensing endorsement programs for Special Education, Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education.  The courses start this summer and many of the courses are hybrid in f
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Grant Wiggins: Current Views on Curriculum, Testing and HS Diplomas

What if Curriculum Focused on Performance & Ability and High School Really Prepared Students for Their Adult Lives In a couple of deeply thought-provoking articles the co-author of books such as Learning By Design and Schooling By Design asks us join him in thinking about some bas
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Culture, Caring and Character – All Linked to Student Gains

While the emphasis on school transformation focuses on standards, cognitive skills, and teaching strategies, research is mounting that character, culture and social/emotional development may be just as important. The programs described below may emphasize different qualities and have
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An Interview with Daniel Pink: Selling Students to Become Self-Directed Learners

Teachers as Persuaders, Problem-Finding vs Problem-Solving and Learning Goals vs Performance Goals One of our favorite authors, Daniel Pink (Drive), has a new book and was recently interviewed by Larry Ferlazzo for Education Week.  Pink’s new book is titled: To Sell is Human: Th
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Early Childhood Education: An Economist’s View

Is High Quality Early Education a Good Investment? We have often heard educators say that it pays to invest in early childhood development, but what would an economist say about  early childhood education as a public investment? In his article, “The Economics of Inequality”
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