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TASS New Middle School Supports

Supporting  Middle Schools in the World of Standards-Based Learning & the Common Core TASS (Teaching All Secondary Students) has been supporting middle and high schools in their efforts to improve outcomes for all students since 2005 by offering embedded professional learning oppo
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Newly Developed Nutrition and Food Education Course Coming in August

This blended learning course is designed for K-12 school-based professionals (i.e. Health, PE, FACS, classroom teachers, nurses, counselors, food service providers, etc…) to learn how to teach nutrition education while working collaboratively across school and local community to estab
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VT-HEC WORKshops Focus on Application

VT-HEC WORKshops Coming in 2014-2015 Research on professional development producing actual change in schools and classrooms has not always been great. To better ensure the practical application of the knowledge and skills presented in our offerings to the work settings of the particip
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Applying Neuroscience to Standards-Based Learning & Professional Learning Opportunities

TASS Consultants Practice What They Preach in a Series of WORKshops This past year TASS consultants, Bill Rich, Wendy Cohen & Val Gardner, offered a very successful series of WORKshops focused on applying principles of neuroscience to the practical implementation of standards-base
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VT-HEC to Offer Middle Level Endorsement Courses

Susie Girardin to Teach Adolescent Development this Fall We at the VT-HEC are very excited to announce that beginning in the fall of 2014 VT-HEC’s program Teaching All Secondary Students (TASS) will begin offering courses required for middle grades licensing endorsement.  TASS is the
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VT-HEC Presenting Legal Updates by Art Cernosia in 2014-15

Art Cernosia & VT-HEC Nationally recognized education law expert, Art Cernosia, Esq. will offer his only two 2014-15 Vermont presentations working with the VT-HEC next year.  Art’s presentations are known for their comprehensive review of education-related legal issues and court d
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VT-HEC Partners with VPA on Year-Round Leadership Support

Using the Principles of Neuroscience to Lead in the 21st Century The VT-HEC is partnering with the VPA to offer an array of coordinated leadership supports to help administrators and their leadership teams work through the ever-expanding list of requirements and initiatives to establi
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Part II – What Works in Middle & High Schools

More Stories from TASS Schools In Part II of this series Nancy Cornell, long-time Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Coordinator  shares her perspective about working toward improving their schools in partnership with TASS – Teaching All Secondary Students. TASS is the VT-H
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What Works to Improve Middle & High Schools

TASS School Stories – Part 1 On a snowy afternoon in February school administrators shared compelling stories relating their experiences in working toward improving their schools in partnership with TASS, Teaching All Secondary Students. TASS is the VT-HEC program that supports
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