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VT-HEC’s First Fund-Raising Effort

We Hope When People Consider Making Donations to a Worthy Cause They Think of the VT-HEC For the first time in its 15 year existence the VT-HEC will be making an effort to raise funds through donations.  Begun in 2000 as a VT Department of Education program intended to focus on person
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VT-HEC Preview – Building Reading Brains

The Science of Reading: Language, Print and the Brain The VT-HEC is very excited to be bringing Donna Coch Ed.D from Dartmouth College to Montpelier, VT on December 9 to talk about reading and the brain. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the reading brain from the perspect
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VT-HEC Announces 2015 Series on Autism

Chris Knippenberg, Teresa Bolick & Julie Taylor Highlight Fall Line-up Now in its 15th year, the VT-HEC will once again present an exciting, informative and practical series of workshops focused on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  New to the line-up is Teresa Bolick Ph.D who will
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VT-HEC Preview – Teresa Bolick, to Speak on ASD & Co-existing Disorders

A Remarkable Number of Individuals with ASD are Diagnosed with Other Disorders  There are two things that just about every educator and parent knows about Autism.  The first is that the numbers are still increasing; over 1000 qualify under Vermont special education rules, up from 250
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VT-HEC Enters its 15th Year – 2000-2015

15  Years Providing Quality Professional Learning Opportunities and Supports The VT-HEC was formed in 2000 with the mission of addressing critical personnel and training needs related to improving education outcomes for all students.  VT-HEC began in response to Act 117 of the 2000 le
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VT-HEC Supports Vermont’s Only Award Winning Schools

Cabot, Twinfield and Harwood only Vermont schools awarded the Personalized Learning Initiative “Twenty New England public schools in the League of Innovative Schools were selected  to participate in a new initiative that will help them develop personalized learning experiences t
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VT-HEC & VPA Partner for the Third Year

Using the Principles of Neuroscience to Lead in the 21st Century For the third consecutive year, the VT-HEC is partnering with the VPA to offer coordinated leadership supports to help administrators and their leadership teams utilize what we know about the brain and learning to work t
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Art Cernosia’s Legal Updates – Save the Dates

 What You Need to Know  – Legal Updates 2015-2016 Nationally recognized education law expert, Art Cernosia, Esq. will offer his only two 2015-16 Vermont presentations working with the VT-HEC again next year.  Art’s presentations are known for their comprehensive review of educat
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Marlboro College Partnership With VT-HEC to Benefit Vermont Teachers

The Vermont Higher Education Collaborative (VT-HEC) and Marlboro College have successfully formed a partnership to increase high quality professional development to Vermont teachers. Working through Marlboro’s Master of Arts in Teaching with Technology (MAT) program, the partnership e
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