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3 Views on Solving The Mystery of the Adolescent Brain

“Remember being a teenager? Rocked internally with hormones, outwardly with social pressures, you sometimes wondered what was going on in your head. So does Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. And what she and others in her field are finding is: The adolescent brain really is different.̶
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Taking a Break After Reading Helps Long-Term Recall

Research on the brain and learning has shown that a change of activity can help the retention of new learning. This effect was demonstrated again in a recent study from the University of Edinburgh.  Not only can this be used in formal learning settings but students, teachers and the r
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Professional Development That Makes a Difference

Part II  – The 12 Building Blocks of Successful Transfer It is remarkably easy to waste time and money on professional development that produces no real change. The opportunities to attend interesting and exciting events are everywhere.  The edu-tainment industry is big business
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Professional Development – Don’t Waste Your Money

Professional Development that Makes a Difference  Part 1  – The Four Components of Effective Professional Development It turns out that ensuring positive outcomes from professional development, especially transfer of new knowledge and skills into the classroom, is not easy.  Res
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Welcome to our Blog!

We are pleased to introduce the VT-HEC Blog. Our goals for the blog are to: Our blog will include content that covers all of the programs and interests of the VT-HEC. It will include posts on professional development, research on the brain and learning, school improvement, collaborati
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VT-HEC adopts “VT-HEC Quality Standards for Professional Development”

VT-HEC recognizes the importance of continuous assessment and refinement of our practices to ensure quality across all our professional development activities. In this effort we have looked to a variety of sources of research for guidance on the principles and practices that will best
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Staff are honored for their “collaboration for excellence”

VT-HEC recognizes Bill Rich and Kim McKellar for making significant contributions to the excellence and effectiveness of our work. Read the recognition letter
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VT-HEC Receives National Recognition

The VT-HEC program Teaching All Secondary Students (TASS) was recognized in a national study of effective professional development practices. Please read the entire story here: TASS and the Professional Learning Report
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