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Classroom Design Features Have Surprising Impact on Student Progress

Study Finds that Classroom Design Can Affect Academic Progress by as Much as 25%.  This year-long pilot was carried out looking at 750 elementary students in 34 classrooms over a full year. The study looked at two sets of data. The first was student data such as age, gender and perfor
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VT-HEC and VPA Partner Again on Summer 2013 Events

The VT Principals’ Association (VPA) and the VT-HEC will be partnering for the 2nd year in a row on the VPA’s 2013 Leadership Academy to be held July 29 – August 1, 2013 at the Killington Grand Resort.  For this Academy, the VT-HEC will first present a day with Chris Jernstedt a
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Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Meet Common Core ELA Standards

Struggling Learners: Helping Students on the Autism Spectrum Meet Common Core ELA Standards This is a summary of an article which explores the challenges that students, who may be quite bright but are on the autism spectrum, may have meeting the Common Core State Standards for English
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Math Anxiety and the Brain: When School Hurts

Struggling Learner Series Learning, Anxiety and the Brain:  New Findings Shed Light on Dealing with Math & Performance Anxiety Math has been identified as being increasingly important for academic and career success in today’s high tech world. Math anxiety has been shown to have s
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The Many Sides and High Cost of Bullying

Consequences of bullying are much more far-reaching and complex than immediate injury or trauma Bullying has been recognized as a significant problem which has only been complicated by the advent of social media. Recent studies have shown the dramatic and long-term impact of bullying
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Memory – 10 Things People Get Wrong

Remember: Learning and Memory are Largely Under Our Control Here are 10 quick reminders about how memory works.  These characteristics about memory show how much of memory is in our control whether we are working to recall something ourselves, designing learning opportunities for stud
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Collaborative Implementation – The Evolution of Coaching

Professional Development that Makes a Difference Part 3 –  The Critical Component If increased student learning is the goal of professional development then consistent and generalized transfer of the new learning to the student learning environment is necessary. In the 25 years
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How to Change Teacher Expectations and Improve Student Outcomes

If you want to change beliefs, the best thing to do is change behaviors We have known since Rosenthal’s study in 1964 that teacher expectations have a significant effect on student performance.  Figuring out how to change teachers’ beliefs about students, however,  has pro
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Bill Daggett’s 13 Recommendations for VT’s Transition to the Common Core

Schools have to get more efficient to free up time for work on literacy, application, personalization and guiding principles
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