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Conversation with Early Childhood Special Education Graduate Amy Emerson

The VT-HEC is proud of its program graduates.  Many chose to take their coursework and continue on their career path.  Our agreements with our partners in the state colleges allows this to happen in a seamless and personalized way.

Below is an interview with Amy Emerson. Amy went through the VT-HEC pathway to licensure program in early childhood special education , and transferred those credits towards her masters degree in education at Lyndon State College. She is currently a licensed Early Childhood Special Educator working at Blue Mt. School.

Congratulations, Amy!


Conversation with Amy Emerson, March 1st, 2016

How did the VT-HEC program work for you as an adult student?  

I started the program when my daughter was 18 months old. It really worked well for me. I was able to work on the weekends and could do the work at my own pace and when my child was asleep. As a Mom, I appreciated the flexibility. It was also nice to be surrounded by people in similar situations.  The instructors understood adult learners – assignments were doable and they understood the demands of everyday life. But it was not busy work; it was quality.  I even had my son in the middle of a course, and due to the flexibility, I was able to continue my work.

How did the VT-HEC pathway to licensure program prepare you for your career and current position?

I feel the program prepared me really well for my practice. During my studies, I was able to use my life experience, my job, to do part of my work. This was valuable.  And, I ultimately ended up with my early childhood licensure.  It was great to get there from where I left off with my bachelors degree. I did not have to start over or do a lot of extra work to begin the program.  And, I was able to take all of my credits through VT-HEC and plop them into the master’s program at Lyndon State College.

Is there anything else you want to say about your experience in the VT-HEC pathway to early childhood special education licensure program?

During the sequence of courses in the early education program, I decided I wanted to pursue my special education endorsement. The VT-HEC program Coordinator was amazing. The support I received from VT-HEC was so great. I felt like I was a person and not a number. They cared about me and were willing to walk me through the steps I needed to take. And, I am so glad I took the route I did instead of peer review. I learned so much.

Kim McKellar, VT-HEC Online Support and Resource Coordinator

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