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Teaching All Secondary Students (TASS) Programs Overview and Admissions


ASS (Teaching All Secondary Students) supported middle and high schools in their efforts to improve outcomes for all students beginning in 2005 by offering embedded professional learning opportunities, coaching and leadership support. TASS utilized the principles of education neuroscience to implement a standards-based system of education that could support all students.

TASS built on that foundation to offer schools and individual educators additional ways to focus on the nature and needs of adolescent learners in the current world of proficiencies, graduation expectations and new testing including:

  • School Support
  • Leadership Support
  • Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Teacher Leader Certificate Course Sequence


TASS Participating Schools

Addison North East Supervisory Union – Mt. Abe
Danville School
Green Mt. Valley School
Hartford School District
Harwood Union High School
Missisquoi Valley Union
Milton High School
Oxbow Union Schools
Peoples Academy
Rutland City Public School
Rutland North East Supervisory Union – Otter Valley, Neshobe, Barstow
Washington North East Supervisory Union – Twinfield, Cabot
Winooski High School

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TASS School Support Program


ASS School Support Program focused on supporting middle and high school in their efforts to improve outcomes for all students. TASS delivered a comprehensive, coordinated and coherent array of supports and learning opportunities designed to apply the principles of Education Neuroscience in a standards-based learning context for the 21st Century. TASS provided a long-term, integrated system of embedded professional development and coaching and leadership support within a system of collaborative implementation that was tailored to the long-term goals and short-term needs of each school. TASS consultants included: Bill Rich, Val Gardner, Wendy Cohen, Susie Girardin and Otho Thompson; all long-time educators working in Vermont schools.

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TASS Leadership Support Program


ASS Leadership Support Program consultants, Val Gardner and Bill Rich, designed a series of WORKshops for leaders interested in and committed to applying principles of brain-based learning design to create cultures of ongoing learning. This learning opportunity has been offered at the VPA Leadership Academy since 2013 with follow-up sessions during the year.

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TASS Professional Learning Opportunities


ASS has worked to develop a variety of professional learning opportunities that give participants opportunities to go deeper into the science of the brain and education, practice their application in standards-based settings and prepare to take more leadership roles in their schools. These opportunities include series of specially-designed WORKshops that demonstrate the application of these principles in proficiency-based education systems, graduate courses, special summer institutes and a Certificate program designed to train teacher leaders. All built on the same coherent foundation and principles .

Using Neuroscience to Make Standards Work for ALL Students is a series of four WORKshops that can be taken individually, as a series or as a course that focus on the practical application of the principles of education neuroscience to standards-based learning in middle and high schools. These WORKshops have been designed by Bill Rich and supported by other TASS consultants with plenty of time allocated for participants to apply the new learning to their own setting.

Crafting Student-Friendly Learning Targets

Designing Performance Tasks to Power Student Learning

Getting to (& Surviving) Standards-Based Learning

Data Tools to Keep You in Sync with Your Students

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