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The costs for VT-HEC offerings vary depending on program, number of credits, etc. Specific offerings and their costs can be found on the current semester course and workshop catalog, which you can access from our home page. (Please take note of your course or workshop cost as you register with VT-HEC.)  Course costs are subject to change at the beginning of new semesters.

  • Payment Due Date:  All payments are due upon receipt and before the first day of a course or event.
  • Invoice:  Upon registration, a confirmation letter will be sent to the email provided in your registration information.  This is your invoice.  If your school or employer is paying, it is your responsibility to get this information to the appropriate billing person and ensure payment is made. (To print an invoice at any time, you can log in on the VT-HEC registration page, click on “My Account”, and open the Invoices tab to view and print your invoice).
  • Payment Methods:  Individual/Employer check, or credit card.
  • Purchase Orders:  In the event that VT-HEC will not receive a check by the due date, we will accept a Purchase Order from your employer.  Purchase orders should be scanned and emailed, or mailed, to VT-HEC.  Please indicate the amount and planned payment date on the PO.
  • Discounts:  All discounts offered can only be applied at the time of registration.  We are not able to apply discounts after registration has been confirmed.
  • Past Due Balances:  Balances more then 30 days past due are subject to a 12% annual finance charge, applied monthly.
  • Credit Card Payments: To make a payment with a credit card, you must first log into your account


If a VT-HEC student chooses to withdraw from a course: